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Benefit from our Professional System Integration Services.

Better SMS performs customized integration between;

1. Bulk SMS and short codes as well as

2. Short codes and IVR

3. Bulk SMS and USSD

4. Short codes, Mobile money and Bulk SMS

The mode of integration is totally dependent on client preference though it normally takes the following format.

- Clients could also use the shortcode as a trigger to send out bulk SMS broadcasts i.e. sending out SMS via Short code and getting back automatic responses through customized Bulk SMS

- Short Codes can be used to integrate with IVR in such a way that instead of someone calling the long IVR number e.g. 0900000000 one can Easily use integrated short code to call 25859

- Also other integrations like for clients who have billing system, a customer can pay money through Mobile money integrated to a Short code to receive a response through Short code or Bulk SMS.