Extensive Excellent Revenue Collection and Management System

Better SMS Limted has developed an extensive Modern day County Revenue Automation System, to move the complex revenue management activities from manual to digital in terms of operations, payments, accounting and many more operations.

Our County Revenue Automation Solution bridges the gap between manual and digital without necessarily having to bring the whole digital environment to the field.

Our Revenue Automation Solution caters for the following fields:-

1. Revenue Collection

2. Revenue Management

3. Revenue Collection Enforcement

4. Member Management

5. Citizen selfcare

6. Comprehensive Reporting

The Solution brings the following benefits:-

  • Access Real time Revenue Collection Data at the click of a button
  • Reduction of operational work
  • Reduction of paper work
  • Ability to decentralise revenue functions
  • High integration possibilities
  • Dedicated support services
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Fast implememtation process
  • Centralised monitoring
  • Built in flexibility
  • Dynamism for data capturing
  • Highest integrity and scalability
  • High security of confidential information
  • Streamlined operations
  • Improves workforce satisfaction

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